Out of Surgery

By Timotography | 19th March 2015

Yup...Out of surgery  and back home...wisdom tooth out ..shrapnel out also its all about the recovery......

thanks for all the support from friends and family me time to work out...

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Ahh the sweet smell of Spring.......

By Timotography | 24th February 2015

you its that time of  the year where the leaves start to blossom and you feel the winter chill easing ..and being replaced by the slightly warm glow of the spring sun ....its time to start getting...

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Getting ready

By Timotography | 20th February 2015

Riiight folks...most of you are aware that i am not very tech savvvy and have resisted the urge to create a website of my work and projects ...but the internet is a great source of inspiration and...

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Here we go!!

By Timotography | 18th February 2015

 That look you give, when you see your mates walk into the pub and you have already had 10 shots of vodka!!






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